Buildling up steam

Still moving along at getting my house back in order. I have gotten three more bags of trash out and two more bag of donation items. Washed down three book cases and dusted each book that resides in them. That is only half of the book cases that are in the living room…There are 8 more in the basement.

Along with the decluttering, I am doing spring cleaning and trying to keep on top of regular housework so I don’t fall farther behind. <—- I have to remind myself of that so I don't get discouraged at my progress. LOL

Found some treasures along the way…a wooden box full of coins…Will talk them to the bank tomorrow…That was a fun find. I also found my Honorable discharge pin from the Navy…It was not in my jewelry box the last time I cleaned it out and I thought it was lost for good.

Not only am I cleaning up the house but trying to get other areas 'cleaned up' as well. I have been trying to eat better and am putting steps into place to save money. I know I need to work on strengthening my body though exercise…I will do it…I will.

I feel I am in a good place right now…emotionally…I am feeling content, relaxed and calm…most of the time. That is a huge improvement, one that I am extremely thankful for. I feel that I am stronger now and think that I have begun to get a bit of weatherproofing on my back–you know, enabling things to 'roll off'.;)

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One response to “Buildling up steam

  • clean hands pure heart

    Dear Dusty,
    I am limited in my internet use, but I have not forgotten you. I will just take the time to tell you I love you. Heaven….I’ll see you there.


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