Making Progress

I am making progress. WooHoo!!!

Everyday, I am still gathering bags and boxes of items to donate, cleaning, organizing and decluttering. I am getting rid of those books I purchased but did not like enough to read more than once, the shoes from a friend that were a bit too large, the plastic food containers that are worn out, clothing that has ‘shrunk’ or has not yet come back into fashion. Why did I keep them? Why was saving them?

Why do I hold on to any of the junk in my life? Fear? habit? Whatever the reason, I am done…I am pressing forward to fix it.

Everyday, I am working diligently to take every thought captive. I am getting rid of bad attitudes, stinking thinking, and self loathing. I am learning to believing about myself the things that are true…and learning to reject the lies about me that the enemy has been able to get me to digest day after day and year after year.

I am learning to let go of people….people whom I thought were sincere in their profession of love, friendship, but who’s actions showed otherwise. Letting go of those who want my friendship as long as they are in need, but when I am in need pull away of disappear. Letting go of those who want to only take, and take and take…

I am learning that I can still be me, still give without being stepped on, without being taken from.

I am learning. I am growing. I am stronger.

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