Doing what is right before God

My daughter was tested in her faith over the past few weeks…

She was required to take a Sex Ed class at the college she is attending…what seemed to be a class based on cultural differences soon became something she was not morally comfortable doing. The homework assignment was to pick from a list of topics provided by the professor. Following assignments were to read a corresponding book, watch a corresponding movie, and visit a place that corresponded…all of which were picked by the professor.

She carefully looked over the list, choosing a topic that was within bounds of what she believes. The professor held her after class to try to pressure her into picking a topic of his choosing to ‘get her out of her comfort zone’…one that was not so ‘boring’.

She dropped the class…it will delay her graduating, as she will have to take another class to make up the credit hours…

Along the same kind of lines I just heard about Kirk Cameron…and how they are making him out to be a hater…because he did not hold the company line…he spoke what he believed, and that of Biblical truth about the damage of homosexuality.

We need more Christians like the two above…who take a stand for what is morally right…and not go along quietly. Who live the way they believe.

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7 responses to “Doing what is right before God

  • dusty

    what I don’t understand is why they think his view is about hate?

  • Please Note


    Good for you and the little one 😉 .

    Having principles & knowing when to draw the line, and then following through on it, will serve her well. She learned more doing that than in that knothead’s class.

    As far as the term hate for Kirk Cameron, it’s not quite the same useage as you are used to.

    These days, you are labeled a hater if you say anything at all against somone else’s success, lifestyle, life choices, etc.

    They aren’t saying he ‘hates’, exactly, but that he’s ‘hating on’ something, if that makes sense.

    It’s like an athlete that signs a 50 million dollar contract, but has never won a championship and gets in trouble with the law. Some fans would voice an opinion that he doesn’t deserve it, while others would call those fans ‘haters’.

    The idea is that you should leave everyone alone & not judge people on anything, and those that do get labeled as haters.

    Hope this makes sense….

  • TonyP.

    Kudos to your daughter AND to you for helping her sit at the feet of God. I only pray that my daughter will have the courage to do the same (she starts high school in the fall…

  • dusty

    Hi Please Note..Thanks for explaining that to me…I think I get it now…i think lol

  • dusty

    Thanks Tony…I will join you in that prayer for your daughter… with her knowing your heart in so many things, I know your daughter will far exceed your hopes and prayers for her.

  • TonyP.

    Thanks, dusty! 😀

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