Prayer Requests Lists

Please let us know how we can pray for you.

If you have a request that you don’t want posted or would like to be posted anonymously you can send the request to dusty at

Prayer requests can be left on any thread and will be added to these lists. These lists are updated weekly.

25 responses to “Prayer Requests Lists

  • John Ferrante

    Hi, I wanted to ask for help in praying for my friend Brenda Schwitzer and her family, she is a very kind and caring individual and I pray for her to be lifted up.
    Thank you kindly, in Jesus name.
    John Ferrante

  • dusty

    Hi John,

    I will keep Brenda in my prayers.

  • Linnea

    Hi All,
    Will you join me in prayer for the family and marriage of the G. family? Specifically, for the husband and wife to be united in faith and parenting and for the 20 year old son to step up to manhood.
    Thank you so much.

  • fme2

    Hi Dusty and whoever else might see this?

    I am feeling a lot of sadness and oppression right now. It’s difficult to bear. Would you pray for me?


  • dusty


    I am so sorry. I am praying now.

  • Linnea

    Dusty…thank you…I’m not sure why my name came out as fme2, but that request was from Linnea. I see the discussion has turned a little on women in ministry and I got a great nap after not sleeping well for a week. Thank you for your prayers 🙂

  • sister D

    Saw on PP the prayers going up for you, Dusty. You are a true jewel. Lifting prayers to His thrown for one of His precious ones. Praying for the dark cloud to be blown away and the Son to shine brightly on you.

  • Linnea

    Could I ask a prayer of you all?

    My sons, ages 16 and 18, are now both in residence at schools away from home. I am confident that they both have a better understanding of the gospel and of who they are in the Lord, but I worry that they will not make time for the Word and for fellowship with other Christians. Would you pray that God would move their hearts to make time with Him each day and to seek out the fellowship of other Christians? Thanks

  • sister D

    uhgggg…”thrown”? Throne. O me…


    Several weeks ago I was talking with one of my children who stated he was reading. The way it hung in the air I knew it would be something I would not approve. I was stirred to pray that from now on anything he reads that is contrary to God would be total confusion and that the lies he has read and believed will become confusion as well. I was just praying this and ask the Father to give me divine comprehension as I do not have good comprehension studying and retaining and realized I should also pray that for my children. The future depends on our children understanding and standing on God’s word. The battle is large but the victory is won. I am trusting Him to do a mighty work in my son’s life.
    I am also praying for you sons. God will cover them.

    Good to see Dusty back on PP. Praising God for His mercies.

  • kdogg1

    Please pray for me. I’ve been unemployed for 23 weeks now and today I have just completely hit rock bottom. I woke up today just horribly depressed. I have about one more month of unemployment left and then I could very well lose my house. I can’t eat or sleep and it’s just taking a toll on me and my wife. Please, please pray for us. Pray for comfort, pray for a job, pray that I will not be depressed anymore, and most of all, pray that I would allow the Lord to work in me during this difficult situation.

  • dusty


    I will be praying for you. Any one of these things is hard enough to deal with but all together..yuck! 😦 May our Lord grant you your requests.

  • maureen

    please join us in prayer that my son is accepted into a medical facility for brain injury, the need is urgent and immediate (september 3rd)

    extenuating circumstances will make it very difficult to
    place him appropriately if not accepted at this facility. i have been working tirelessly, but resources are slim, and he is in lethal danger because of his symptoms.

    please pray that he gets this treatment, and gets relief from his fear and suffering.

    thank you.

  • sister D

    Praying for a way when there seems to be none.

  • Maryb


    Just came by to say and hope you are feeling better

  • nancy

    Just wanted you let you know I was thinking about you today … and also praying for you.

  • Anon.

    Prayers for you!

  • Nene

    Please know I am praying…

  • sister D

    Praying with all those at PP for you tonight, Dusty. The dark place will not last. Neither will the panic or despair. Very empty words at this time, I know-but TRUE.

    Lord, cover Your dear daughter, Dusty. She needs You so badly right now. I say YES and Amen and Amen to all the prayers being lifted up to You now on her behalf. Warm her, Lord. Draw Your peace around her like a blanket and give her rest. Lord, I ask that the wounds of her childhood that may be binding her be loosed. I pray that any curse of careless word be removed.

    Please remember she is a faithful prayer warrior and intercessor. Guard her. Heal her. Make her whole and able to live in peace again. Remember her kindly, Lord and grant her Your favor.

    Thank You for the work being accomplished now. Praise and glory to You, most High and Holy Lord.

  • TonyP.

    No one’s been here in a while, Dusty. You are in my prayers, come and hang out with us more. It will help. God bless you.

  • Tom Diehl

    My prayer request is this:

    Recently i had some dental troubles… an infected tooth…and the infection seeped into my bloodstream and affected my sinuses as well as my ears… and caused a significant amount of deafness in both ears. I’m now on penicillin and it is helping a little but now most of my high-range hearing is gone, and from what reports i’ve seen on the internet, is supposed to be permanently gone. To most people, it wouldn’t be much of a bother, but i’ve spent most of my adult life working in the music industry in various respects (disc jockey, helping out on reissues of oldies music, and all around music fan) and my ears and hearing are the most important thing to me…and to not be able to hear some music tones, means that all music now sounds weird to me, and i have to pretty much throw in the towl and find a different hobby/job to occupy my time… something that requires me to not have to be around music ever. Now, to anyone who knows me, you’re not likely to find a bigger fan of music than me, so to have it taken right out from under me due to sudden hearing loss is the cruelest irony that could ever befall a music fan.

    I think God used this incident to draw me back to Him (as i had somewhat backslidden in the last few years…) and it worked… i’ve been reading my Bible more and have even been watching a lot of sermons online lately through the church that one of my California friends attends. I’m praying for a quick and sudden healing, as quick as my hearing was taken from me, i’d love to see it restored. God has done many miracles in my life and I believe He can do one more… and i would hope He wouldn’t allow the destruction of my greatest passion in life (Behind God, of course)…

    Everything ive read online about this is saying that this type of hearing loss due to a tooth problem is permanent… but neither my dentist or my doctor has yet to tell me the hearing loss is in fact permanent…and some of my close friends have told me that “Nothing is permanent until God says it is permanent” and “Don’t let Satan tell you you won’t get better”, which has been reassuring. I would like to ask for more prayer through the people on this site, though, because my life’s work and passion absolutely depends on my hearing being restored… God isn’t done with me yet, and i’m not ready to throw in the towl either. Thanks for your prayers, God bless all of you.

    Tom Diehl
    Rensselaer (Albany), New York

  • Nathan

    Please I need help. I am tired of living my sinful life. i want to please God, but I cant seem to shake the sin out of my life. Please pray that with Gods help that i will have the strength to stand up against my sin, I have no christian friends and I am scared tha i have past the point of no return.

  • Sister Christian


    praying for you,
    Praying for God to meet you
    and to lead you to repentance
    to lead you in his grace and care,
    and to bring Christian friends into your life

    praying that God will also lead you to a caring pastor
    to help mentor you, encourage and disciple you, In a loving and very God honoring way

  • Sister Christian


    Praying for You,
    may God restore you healing,
    May he give you peace and lead you in ways of righteousness, in truth and mercy.

    may He reveal Himself to you in greater measure.
    may you be blessed in His presence,

  • sandy

    God send angle retrocative salary, money that is due rightly
    mine,homes, lands, cars, checks, overpayment, refund checks, full time jobs profits
    favor, supernatural blessings wealth, healed, faith Mark 11:24
    anna,katrina, sandra, bernard jr, sr, tim, alicia, chyal,tim
    lela, robert, cindy, martha,tammy, elder smith members.

    God money that is due rightly mine money, back pay, checks
    bridget need full time jobs retroactives salary, financial aid
    child support for chyla victory, send right help, spouse
    good news, favor Psmals 5:12
    thank you

    God send right spouse bernard jr, alicia, anna, akil
    katrina, chyla, lostine, jason, lee, martha, good news, victory
    faith, money, wealth, healed, favor, approve and release
    all the settlements. thank

  • Kaca

    Can you, please, fervently pray
    Thank you very much. God bless you. I pray for you. Praise the Lord for He hear prayers and answer on it.
    Kaca from Belgrade in Serbia

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