Long Term Prayer List

Long Term Lists

From the Ashes List

BrianD – http://mondokblog.blogspot.com/2008/03/we-could-use-some-prayer.html Please be in prayer for Bryon Mondok and his family. .(3/31)

BrianD – General health; direction in relation to job; considering joining another church and also starting to look for a 2nd job

CHPH – brother-in-law’s brother(40’s) was just put in the hospital for cancer. . The forecast does not look good.(3/10)

Deadmanwalking – recovering from Congestive Heat Failure (1/13)rest, strength, wife’s medical condition; migraines

ERunner – nephew in Iraq. Pray that God would allow him to return home in September unharmed.. .(3/2)

ERunner – Our brother-in-law, David, has stage four lung cancer. Pray also for his wife and four children. (3/31)

Erunner – Panic Disorder, nephew’s wife (Tiffany, 20’s) has multiple sclerosis. They have two young children.

Erunner –niece can achieve total victory over this disease that has plagued her these last ten years (anorexia). .(2/18)

Nene – chronic pain due to RA,

Nonnie – for my Muslim friend.- for salvation.-for protection from the abusive family she was (arranged) married into.-that she will be granted a visa to stay in the UK. (2/24)

Phoenix Preacher List

Long Term

AnonymousBird – marriage in trouble. Really wants to reconcile with his wife.(3/23)

Bob Sweat – asking for God to open a door and allow him to return to the calling of teaching God’s word.(12/1)

Jessica Menn- past hurts, relationship with God.(12/1)

JimP – I’ve had chronic pain since 1986, severe degenerative adjoining discs, in physical therapy. My prayer is that God would heal me, or relieve me of the pain. .(3/31)

Linnea-. our friend’s son(15) diagnosed with primary pulmonary hypertension? doesn’t have long to live. Please pray for a heart/lung transplant or some other type of treatment to remedy the condition. .(1/27)

Maryellen – continue to pray for her granddaughter, Avery Grace.(3/8)

Paigemom – sons (Aaron, Jon and Pete) are angry towards God, church, church people. (2/24)

Ryan – dad has cancer, and his relationship with Jesus,… , for my mom, , , for siblings…Nicole (31) and Trevor (30) neither are walking with the Lord(3/11)

ryan couch- have been asked to take over an existing soup kitchen in our community that feeds about 50 homeless and needy people on a daily basis. please pray for God’s provision and wisdom in this step of faith. (12/30)

Washburn- faltering faith, healing from past hurts, (12/30)

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