New Prayer Requests List

New Prayer Requests

Prayer list from Dusty’s

Prayer list from From the Ashes

BrianD – direction regarding church

David – for Reid (7). we had to put our dog, Buddy, down, and Reid is understandably heart broken.

Eric -Could you please if it comes to mind lift me up for direction?

ERunner – Kidney stones

idaho-girl – mourning the loss of her sister, pray also for her sister’s husband and 2 sons.

sister D – for my daughter. She is expecting in 4 weeks and has had a difficult time during this pregnancy due to work, her wreck and other problems. She is very tired and very stressed.

SisterD – My son & daughter-in-law have been separated but are back together-very fragile. I pray for God’s work in their lives.

sister D -My granddaughter has asthmatic bronchitis, 3 scripts. This is the her first such illness, she is 4.

Prayer list from Phoenix Preacher

Big Mike – Faith—That I would truly know that our Lord will provide as I pastor a small church on the Oregon Coast. I have a desire to keep grounding the folks but struggle with should I get a job or just trust the finances will be there every month.

Christine and Jeff Scheller lost their son on March 28.

Chapman family- lost their little girl. Pray also for their son

Captain Kevin – strep with an ear infection.

Dixie Dread – having trouble with vertigo

Erunner -I would appreciate prayer for my kidney stone(s) as it’s really uncomfortable at times. Also, for my insurance as it’s not letting me visit a urologist yet.

Eric- for wife, Sherry, she has seizures.

Filbertz – The season of my discontent has gone on too long and somehow I’ve got to shake off the spiritual lethargy and attitude funk…. I’m struggling to keep struggling,

Jennie Lee – prayers for my friend who has terminal cancer. Also for her salvation

London -I have a relatively important ethical dilemma at work that I need to make a decision on in the next day or so. It could have a large (multi-million dollar) effect on my client…can’t decide which way to go….

Linnea -I am completely overwhelmed with work and family responsibilities. As if all the normal issues were not enough, now we are faced with a new family challenge.

Linnea – Please pray for a woman with bright blue eyes and a keen intellect who says she has no name because it doesn’t work anymore. I finally asked “what should I call you?” and she replied Azura (or something like that–she said it meant ‘first wish’ in Arabic). She had a well worn Bible with her, but also was coming in and out of delusions and lucidity and spoke of children she had in previous lives, Please pray that she would be delivered from her illness. Please pray that I would have the faith to minister to her and pray for her.

Linnea-Devastation does not quite describe what I am feelings now. In just a short week, my husband and I have become aware of serious issues with both our sons. Would you join us in praying for our sons, that they would fully confess and repent, that the Lord would break the enemy’s hold on their lives, that He would free them and that they would abide with Him. Please pray for wisdom and strength for my husband and I as we pick up our family and begin the process of rebuilding the walls.

Michael-We need to remember Chris Elrod and his wife.

Michael – health, employment, depression

Nancy – mom’s health

paigemom – for a young family who is going through multiple serious trials. They are not christians, but their hearts were touched that we would pray for them. Mike, the young dad, just had shoulder reconstruction surgery. Brian, the 28 year old live-in brother who is a quadrapalegic with only one lung is in the hospital with pneumonia. Natalie, 7, is frighteningly ill with viral meningitis (UPDATE- Natalie is healed!) and Cheryl, the mom is beside herself with worry. So far, 3 year old Chelsea is Ok…. Please pray for Mike, Cheryl, Brian, Natalie and Chelsea?

Patrick-I ask for continued prayer for my wife and me. She will be going on a three week solo journey across the western states(May 31), and I need grace to believe that God will keep her safe. Also continue to pray for our restoration, and her move back home. and I am praying that God will at least bring her home maybe for one evening before she leaves.

Sister Christian – she and her family are doing missions work in France – restoring the little stone church and reaching out to the lost.

Shannon Kent -We are interviewing (at the church I mentioned before) this weekend for an assoc pastor position…would love your prayers for clarity and wisdom. Most likely the job will be offered…now it’s about if it’s where God is calling us. The community is very yuppie-ish…and I worry about raising my kids in a place that is so cookie cutter.

Shannon Kent – Our family has been under a considerable spiritual attack these past two weeks. I’ve been so upset I’ve felt paralyzed with grief..and the grief is from plain old stress.

Tim – there are at least 100,000 people dead & millions homeless right now with bodies still floating in the water in Myanmar

William – young S. Korean guy we took to church this morning. We took them all to lunch and he agreed to start a Bible study with me next weekend. Pray now I can find a Korean Language Bible before then.

Xenia – My praise is that Rebecca did go through with entering the hospital and seems cautiously interested in the things of God again. My prayer is that she be healed in body, mind and spirit.

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