Prayer for Salvation

Prayer for Salvation

From the Ashes List

AEA’s nephew
CHPH’s brother-in-law’s brother
Nene’s father
Nonnie’s Muslim friend
Rea – friend
SisterD’s son and daughter-in-law
SisterD’s Son-in-law

Phoenix Preacher List

AEA’s nephew
Captain Kevin’s mom
Centorian – young man in his fellowship
Doulos’s father-in-law
Linnea’ s mom
Nene’s father
Nonnie’s Muslim friend
Paigemom’s sons (Aaron, Jon and Pete)
Ryan’s dad and siblings (Nicole and Trevor)
Scott- son
William – young Korean man

One response to “Prayer for Salvation

  • sister D

    Praying for the pure revelation of Who You are be opened in the hearts, minds and lives of those lovingly and hopefully listed here. Every name is part of a family and part of a long standing deep prayer for the loved one. I claim-the favor shown the family of the jailer that when he believed so did his household-over our families and friends grafted into our spiritual families. I wait as the father of the prodigal watching in the distance for the return of one wandering. Expectant. Anticipating the celebration!
    Always all the glory and thanksgiving to You, Father.

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