Short Term Prayer List

Short Term Lists

From the Ashes List

Barton –Family in the area looking for missing children (Ashley- 2 and Nicholas-4) The father gave them to the Jehovah’s Witnesses to raise. (5/20)

Chuck – My uncle’s son was found in a river 5/5. It’s suspected he committed suicide after a fight with his parents. Please pray for his parents. (5/20)

Erunner – nephew’s wife, Tiffany who has MS is now having seizures(5/20)

Linnea –pray for Trudy, her family is trying to get her out of a cult. The cult’s’ website is (5/20)

Nene – .I am having problems sleeping, due to this creepy neighborhood. I should be asleep. I’ve got to get up early…May the Lord guide us to the right neighborhood eventually. (5/20)

okie preacher – Direction and guidance, please. .(4/8)

Psalm62 – grieving the death of her husband. Pray also for her daughter(4/28)

Rachel – depression, also working on a life decision that is very confusing for me. (4/28)

Rae – needed to end a close friendship with a non-Christian that is no longer appropriate I’m grieving over this,.(4/8)

Phoenix Preacher list

4Jesus – asked to leave the fellowship I attended, … I am trusting in the Lord, but I am hurt and wounded… I have two young adult sons still there. (4-28)

Anne – depression, healing from past hurts, restored faith, bronchitis ,developed more spots on lungs, grieving the loss of a loved one. to be a comfort to her children and grandchildren, to have wisdom in finding work (5/5)

Anchoreddeep – wisdom and direction for my pastor; he is very ill and is facing some very serious decisions (5/11)

Anchoreddeep – my daughter in law’s mother is sponsoring a little girl, EiEi, she lives in Manamar where the terrible cyclone hit. We are all very concerned for the safety of this little girl and her family. (5/11)

Aponemo Time-wants to reconcile with his wife(5/11)

Bob Sweat – have been living in despair for weeks now and I’m having a difficult time climbing out. (5/11)

BrianD – in regards to something involving myself and my church. Also, in regards to my health (including finding a doctor who doesn’t look at you as a number) and in paying bills, also about his job (5/26)

Brian – finished with MBA – direction for work, ministry and church. (5/11)

Bill Ritchie -has prostate cancer. (4-28)

Centorian- My wife has lived with chronic pain in her back and legs due to an injury that happened over 20 years ago. (5/26)

Centorian – salvation for young man in his fellowship(5/26)

Centorian – Concerned Brother’s adult son passed away April 2. He is having a difficult time. (4-28)

Captain Kevin – Please pray for God to give me clear direction for my future. (4/15)

Cash – son (Ryan, 22) is severely depressed, (5/5)

deadmanwalking – level of heart failure is extreme, also has an aortic aneurysm . , if I can’t get out of the extreme heart failure range, he wants to put a defibrillator in my heart.. (5/5)

eavesdropping – struggling with getting back to God after a bad experience with the church. I want to come back to the Lord but I have hatred in my heart that I can’t seem to shake. (5/5)

Filbertz -son(Drew) going back to Iraq in May (4-28)

Filbertz – daughter(Amber) relationship with God, in an abusive relationship, that she would stay clean from drugs/alcohol (4-28)

Heart’s Cry- Granton Bayless (7 mo) has severe combined immune deficiency or SCID

Hopeful – concerns about things happening at church. (5/11)

Honesty – friend Heidi and her children are in an abusive situation(5/5)

Jeff Stewart -. Recovering from kidney transplant, His wife Karen has lung cancer (5/5)

Jessica Menn – depression, wants to get married, in the process of writing a critique of James Dobson’s parenting philosophy. (5/26)

Jessica Menn -A friend of mine’s nephew, Jayden, was seriously injured a bike accident. (5/26)

Jeff Jones – completely deaf in one ear (virus attack 5 years ago) and my hearing was replaced by an obnoxious, loud tone/ ring that is constant and never ending. It has profoundly changed my life and even my personality. (5/26)

Linnea –pray for Trudy, her family is trying to get her out of a cult. The cult’s’ website is

LookingForTruth – I have purchased another home and will be leaving the home Dex and I shared (5/26)

LookingForTruth – Still does not have a diagnosis but there has been small growth in the left lung but not the right one, depression(4/21)

London – work(5/11)

Lutheran – On the Lutheran front, the first-ever demonstration was held at LCMS HQs earlier today. Takes a lot to get Lutherans to demonstrate. Please keep Todd Wilken and Jeff Schwarz in your prayers. (4-28)

Michael -Please add Trey’s mom to your prayers. She is struggling mightily to survive finishing the school quarter and keeping her head above water. Massive stressor for me, as well…(5/26)

Michael – direction about going to fulltime ministry or employment, health., I’m also struggling with depression that makes it hard to think, hard to function, and almost impossible to pray. This has dragged on for so long that my emotional resources are tapped out. it seems like my feet are slipping…. (5/26)

Michael (Not PP) – to whether or not we should purchase this house that “Disciple House” occurs at (4/15)

Maryellen – for a fresh work of the Holy Spirit in our churches. Praying for the churches represented by those who frequent PP would be a great place to start. (4/21)

Michael – Vickie ‘s mother was undergoing surgery for ovarian cancer when her father died from a brain aneurism. (4/21)

Michael – Trey having strange reactions to medications(5/5)

Murph – he and his family recovering from past hurts. (5/5)

Nancy – she, daughter, and granddaughter all have bad colds. Granddaughter having reactions to vaccinations(5/26)

Nancy – strength and energy to care for her family. She cares for her mother and granddaughter (4/15)

Nene – . I just do not feel safe in my neighborhood. It is hard for me to fall asleep at’s effecting my work, and health greatly. I really need sleep…(5/5)

Nomans – difficulty sleeping(5/5)

Nomans – Please keep the people of Myanmar in prayer today….God have mercy.

Patrick – for my wife Jody and me. Pray that God would restore us to one another, and heal us and give us the ability to learn to communicate with one another in a godly edifying way. (5/26)

Psalm62 – grieving the loss of her husband, pray also for her daughter(4/15)

ryan couch – dad has blood clots in his legs and arms and it’s causing him much pain. My mom is pretty discouraged and needs His peace and rest. (5/5)

Ryan – Our church (leadership really) is dealing with a very difficult situation right now. (5/26)

Shannon Kent –an in-law relative (no relation to us) has had a psychotic episode. Please pray for our dear friend Andrew and for our family that is supporting him (5/26)

Skip Franklin – that he will forgive the couple (Once close friends.) that falsely turned them in to Social Services. (4/15)

Scott- son is back on the street, I’m assuming running with the same folk, injecting his body with the same poison. We haven’t heard from him in 2 days. (5/26)

Scott H – some friends here locally lost their 17 year old daughter in a car wreck(4/15)

Scott – Mom. moved to a transitional nursing care facility last week. She has a blood clot in one knee. (5/11)

Scott – enrolled in an online Real Estate course Pray that the Lord will help me stay on course, focused and comprehending of what I’m studying. (5/5)

Shannon Kent- prayer for trust with job opportunity, and if we are called to serve at this church that we’ll trust God with our finances as well. (5/5)

songbird – an old friend may be headed back to the abusive church I came out of. (5/5)

William – continued healing from spiritual abuse for he and his wife.(5/5)

Xenia – My godparents Simon and Sophia. Simon has a brain tumor. He is elderly and the treatments are hard on him. Sophia is a little overwhelmed by all this.. (5/26)

Xenia – My father-in-law, Stanley, an atheist. Pray for salvation and housing situation(5/26)

Xenia – my sweet daughter Rebecca (36) has severe anorexia. she’s decided to enter a hospital program. I am both scared and cautiously optimistic.(5/26)

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